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Submitted by: Frances Doyle

In the past year, I’ve had monthly eye assessments at Drs. Robinson/Lukenchuk’s office. I have only accolades of praise for the entire staff’s professionalism seasoned with proficiency and the human touch of caring.

On one occasion when Dr. Robinson was away, unexpected symptoms presented and Dr. Lukenchuk graciously saw me to address my concerns.

The office is equipped with everything to provide the latest in the “Cutting Edge of Eye Care.”

It is with a grateful heart that I extend my thanks to them for their dedication in caring for my eyes.

Submitted by: Les Chasmar MD FRCS(C )

Date: September 12, 2011

For over fifteen years I have received my eye care from Dr. Darcy Lukenchuk. He provided post operative care for two cataract removals. His efficient and courteous staff has treated me as a friend. Dr. Lukenchuk’s examination is extremely competent and thorough. It is supplemented by all the state of the art equipment available today. Now retired in West Vancouver, I return to Dr. Lukenchuk for my eye examinations. I am confident of superb care with Dr. Lukenchuk.

Submitted by: Jim Budd, Luseland, Sask.

Date: October 12, 2011

Our side of the “Budd Family” had been using the Austin Forsythe group as their optometrists for a good many years.

In 1984, while attending a regular check-up, Joan and I met this “New Associate” in the Forsythe group. He introduced himself as Dr. Lukenchuk. After completing our examinations he took us to a map on the wall and put a stickpin on “Luseland” our home town, saying we were his very first patients since his graduation. Now I don’t know if he still has this map, but if he has it must be punched full of holes, as I have been told by a very reliable source that he now has in excess of 20,000 patients on his list.

Dr. Lukenchuk is now looking after our family into its fourth generation with regular eye examinations. He is guiding my Mom with her macular eye degeneration and near blindness; Joan and myself for cataracts and lens implants; seeing that we are in style with our frames and using the best lenses available at the time; our children for glasses, contact lenses of course, and two of the kids with corrective laser eye surgery; and for some of our grandchildren who are now using his services.

At the office one is always welcomed with a handshake and Joan more than likely, with a big hug. Darcy is always interested in how things are going and how the family is doing. Should you happen to meet him on the street he always has time to stop and chat.

There has always been new diagnostic equipment added to the office, which makes your examinations more accurate faster and less stressful. The office is very up to date and the staff most friendly and willing to help you in any way they can.

Over the 27 years of using Dr. Lukenchuk’s services we have found Darcy to be very professional and knowledgeable. A trip to his office now feels more like a family visit.

We have in the past recommended Dr. Lukenchuk’s services to many of our friends and some strangers and would today, without hesitation, do the same.