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Mediflex Hydra 1 Day 90pk

Mediflex Hydra 1 Day 90pk
Price: $48.00
  • Hydra 1-Day contact lenses are a daily disposable lens and are manufactured by CooperVision.
  • Hydra 1-Day lenses deliver exceptional levels of both overall comfort, and comfort at the end of the day.
  • Patented Hydra Technology creates a unique lens material that attracts and maintains water, keeping the lenses moist and comfortable all day long.
  • Features the only lens material with an FDA-cleared indication relating to improved comfort for those who experience dryness or mild discomfort during lens wear.
  • Hydra 1-Day's aspheric optics designed to block both lens aberrations and theoretical corneal aberrations, resulting in crisp, clear vision
  • Optimized lens design and handling tint allows for easy lens insertion and removal.
  • The patented molded round edge reduces irritation of the eye —resulting in continuous wearing comfort.